SIGMA BEAUTY: The Holographic Lip Trend

SIGMA BEAUTY: The Holographic Lip Trend

Instagram Is Freaking Out Over This Holographic Lip Gloss

It's official: Lip art is the new nail art. Every time we log onto Instagram, there's seemingly a new take on the trend to keep track of. And, offline, on the runways for next spring, there's been plenty of places to find lip art inspiration. There's everything from two-tone lips and ombre lips to drippy lips, glitter lips, and, maybe, the most fascinating of all, geode lips—that is until now. A new lip art trend has come along and it's impossible to look away from.

Meet hologram lips, a not-quite unicorn, not-quite oil spill look that Lisa Frank wishes she thought of. Sigma beauty, one of our favorite Insta-famous brands, has been churning out holographic lip gloss that's had people freaking out on Instagram for good reason.

I mean, look at this.

It's truly stunning, and it comes in a variety of different shades.

The best part is that it won't set you back too much—Sigma Beauty is currently selling bundles of five holographic glosses for $34 on its website.

With all of the ugliness in the world right now, it might be the best possible time to take home something beautiful.