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We take pride in only offering 100% authentic  beauty samples provided to us by authorized vendors or by the brands directly. We take great care that any foundation we decant from its original bottle into our sleek MakeupBases bottle is completely bona fide.
That said, we aren't associated with the brand or brands manufacture in any way, and we have no agreement or arrangement authorizing us to repackage their foundations.
Even though this isn't a long term commitment with your beauty product, we encourage you to research what brand(s) and/or shade(s) you'd like to try before ordering with us. If you have any questions prior to, just visit: 
CUSTOM Foundations: Click on the link or hit us up on messenger and a brand rep will send you our custom formulation form for you to complete. We offer samples and full sized bottles. Email us with any questions.
Shipping Info: Because we ship in batches and work hard to customize each order according to the foundation you’ve selected, delivery time may vary. But we will do our best to update you every step of the way.
If you have any questions at all, please email us at support@makeupbases.comWe will be happy to help.

Now that we have logistics out the way, lets get started.